Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sicilian

Shortly after my ex moved out,  I was out with a girlfriend, and saw a friend across the bar, a firefighter who'd played on my softball team the year prior. I went to speak to him, and noticed a beautiful man standing next to him. Tall, shaved head, big eyes. Big, brown, beautiful Sicilian eyes. I felt him looking down at me. I looked up into those gorgeous pools, hopeful that he might actually be attracted to a 41 year old with a few extra pounds and a ten year old at home. Apparently he was.
He said, "Hey, you're cute. Are you married?"
I showed him my bare, unadorned fingers.
He gets right to the point.
Maybe things were looking up for me, I thought, as he looked down at me.
And then he opened his beautiful mouth and out came the most vulgar suggestion I have ever been propositioned with in my life. I won't go into the details, but it involved doing something with two very prominent parts of my anatomy. Something that might have given him an immense amount of pleasure, but would've done nothing but left me all sticky and in need of a wipe down.
At that point, I'm told by all my friends, I should've thrown my drink in his face. But I was drinking a $12 martini. But you'll be happy to know I politely declined his request for no strings attached, right here and now sex. But gosh, thanks for thinking of me.
Months later, my girlfriend and I ran into the same two guys. I ignored the Sicilian, and talked to the firefighter. Eventually I got around to asking the Sicilian if he remembered me, or the exchange we'd had (or rather didn't have). He told me that he didn't really remember it because he'd had a lot to drink that night, but the firefighter had filled him in about his previous behavior. 
He said, "I've turned a new leaf. I'm not like that anymore. I'm really sorry for being so disrespectful. It was really rude of me."
I was pretty astonished, especially since I'd found out after meeting him that he was famous for that kind of behavior. And now here he was, apologizing.
I asked him what led to him to this realization.
"I'm a new father." He'd had an oops moment last summer with a short lived relationship, and now had a brand new month old baby daughter. His eyes lit up as he told me about how beautiful she was, and how nice her breath had smelled, how he loved to spend time with her, changing diapers out of his man-bag. He pulled out his cell phone to show me photos. 
He told me now that he had a daughter of his own, how horrified and angry he would be if any man ever spoke to her the way he had. If any man disrespected his daughter the way he had done to other women. And it changed him. To the core, he said. "I gotta be a daddy now."
He seemed sincere. 
But you know that before the evening was over, I brushed his hands away from my breasts at least 4 times, and removed his hand from creeping up my skirt once.