Friday, April 25, 2008

I Created A Monster!

Remember my Scientific Experiment? The guy who I gave my phone number to just to see if he'd disappear on me, who scheduled a date and then cancelled it 12 hours later? He actually did, eventually, contact me again. About a week later. Apparently his 'family emergency' was now over, and he was hungry for dinner.
By that time I'd already gone out with the Detective, who had hinted around at asking me out again in the near future and I had a lot of other things planned for the next week. And then there's the child that I'm raising. I told him my dance card was full right now, so I couldn't commit to anything at the moment, but I'd let him know when my schedule lightens up again. 
His response?

"Whatever. I'm not playing this game." 
(Editor's Note:  I cleaned up his bad punctuation & spelling for you.)

Then he sent me another email. This time I'll let his bad grammar speak for itself.

"You jump all over the first guy that comes along. Well i guess the world will pass you by. If you really wanted to meet someone with the world to offer you would make time. We could meet for coffee quick see if we hit it off. Or I could wine and dine you. Would you like to Vegas for the weekend. Sperate rooms what ever. All on me everything. I mean everything. No strings if you realy want to go have fun and be wined and dined. You let me know. I'm a stand up guy. I don't bullshit. I'm fir real are you"

Then I got another one.

"I really mean what I said. Now you blow me off makes me want to meet you even more. "

Creepy. I guess when I performed that scientific experiment, I created a monster. Oops.