Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Olympic Athlete

I'm a big mentsch.
In my last post, I mentioned that when I first joined Yahoo! Personals I had saved some profiles that caught my eye but were well out of commute range. Like the Olympian, in San Francisco. An actual Olympian white water kayaking champion.
Drop dead gorgeous. Funny. Well traveled. Fearless. Successful. 
After my experience with the Paralympic athlete back in February, I was a little reluctant to consider someone so driven, because I figured a women would be somewhere pretty far down on his priority list. As in:

147. Vacuum under bed
148. Make time for girl
149. Replace ant bait in garage

Plus, although I've made incredible progress towards getting in shape over the last year, I've got more work ahead of me. I tried to imagine a buff, toned, Olympian dating a size 14, and I just couldn't see it. But I saved his profile. For the day that I'm a size 9.

A week or two later, I went back to his profile. I thought about him. Thought about him a lot. Tried to visualize him in a relationship again. And finally, I saw it. I knew it could work. So I emailed him. Last week.

You'll never believe this, but he emailed me back.

And he's interested.

In fact, he said he was "totally psyched to meet."

Don't go getting all excited for me, though.

Pause for dramatic effect.

And don't go thinking I gave him my phone number. 

I gave him someone else's.

Here's what I had said to him in my email:

"I know this is going to be a little bit strange, but I think you might be interested in meeting a friend of mine. I saved your profile a couple of weeks ago ... blah blah blah...you know this part... But in the meantime, I've just been thinking about this good friend of mine who lives near you in the Bay Area, who is semi-recently single that I just have a hunch about. I've looked at your profile a couple of times, and I just keep thinking, "He's so cool, I bet he'd really like my friend from college." She's a jet pilot, travels around the world, has her MBA, and she's gorgeous. Athletic, outdoorsy, tall, slender and a blonde, blue eyed goddess."

And so, as soon as he's back from his trip to Nepal, before he goes to Guam, and perhaps in between my friend's flights to Washington D.C. and Kazakhstan, they'll have a chance to meet. And if they get married in some far off location, they had better pay my airfare there and back, dammit. 

I'm such a giver.