Monday, April 14, 2008

The Detective

New tactical maneuvers were in order.
I went back online, to my saved profiles. The ones I'd looked at weeks before when I first signed up for Yahoo! Personals, the ones I'd saved because there was something that  sparked an interest in me, but I didn't have the courage to follow up on. 
There was one guy, in particular, that really appealed to me. He was cute. I liked his smile. He looked smart. And active. 
So I wrote him.
He winked back, almost immediately, but with one of those quick little multiple choice pre-written comments  ("Your profile made me smile,") that told me he was either too stumped for words to write his own reply or wasn't a paying member of Yahoo! Personals. So I gave him the Detective Challenge.
I told him that I wasn't that difficult to find, and that perhaps he should just print out one of my photos, hop on his mountain bike and bring it downtown. Show it around. To the homeless guy with the cast on his leg who sits on the same bench every day and watches the traffic go by. To the gal in the box office at the theatre. To the couple who own the make-your-own-wine place. And that if he found me, I had no plans for the weekend.
The next day, my phone rang at work.
"Guess what," he said. "I found you. I AM a really good detective. Do you know who this is?"
And so, we had a date. 
In one hour. 
If he'd cancelled, it would've broken The Experiment's record by 11 hours.
But he didn't.
I attribute this mainly to the fact that I never gave him my phone number.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this.