Friday, April 11, 2008

Think Vs. Feel

My life currently has Oscar potential.

David Romanelli has pinpointed how I've felt all week in Livin' In The Moment.

Think about the difference between a good movie and a great movie. A good movie engages your mind enough to keep you in the cinema for two hours. But a great movie makes you feel intense love, despair, anxiety, fear and hope. In much the same way, a human being that makes you think is an interesting human being. But a human being that makes you feel enough emotion to stand up and act - or keel over in laughter, or wipe the tears from your eyes - that is a truly powerful human being.

It'll all make sense tomorrow. Maybe.


I was on a blind date a while back....
Who it was wasn't important, because this story is not about my date. Although, yes, it did happen to be my blind date. 
And he said something about not knowing what I looked like. So instead of describing myself, I called over the bartender. The bartender and I aren't close friends, but we know each other. So I asked him to describe me to my date.
He said, "She's very Aryan... and she's got fantastic tits."
Thanks. You can leave now.
What is wrong with men? To my friends who are embarassed for me that I'm exposing my personal disappointments for the world to read, those who think I'm full of anger, well...wouldn't you be if this crap kept happening to you? Can you really blame me for gritting my teeth, clenching my fists and stomping around for awhile?
Maybe this is just karma hitting me in the face for something I did a long time ago. So I accept that I probably deserve a few bad things to happen to me before something good happens again. But it doesn't stop me from being completely astonished that so many of the men I've come across in my life treat women horribly, bumbling along without a clue as to how to respectfully treat a woman.
I mean, come ON. Aryan?