Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ode to Kirsty MacColl

Girlfriends, I'm finally channeling Kirsty MacColl.

So I'm on a date. Not a bad date as far as dates go. I tried to convince him beforehand that he didn't really want a date with me because we were most definitely not going to be compatible. 
I was liberal and he was conservative? He didn't care. 
He's a grandfather and I still have a kid at home? Well...maybe not. 
He's a flag waving Christian and I'm a religion bashing humanist? 
Yeah, you're right. We're not compatible. But hey, we can be friends.

Anyway, before I confessed my disdain for Christianity, akin to spraying man repellent in his face, he wanted to go for a walk with me after dinner. Wanted to get out of the noisy restaurant to go somewhere quieter where we could talk. Ummmmmmmm...... yeah. 

So I channeled Kirsty MacColl, my favorite songwriter, may she rest in peace.

I stuck out one leg, clad in the coolest Betty Page leopard spotted 5 inch heels (courtesy of Large Marge & Target), and said,

"In These Shoes? I don't think so."

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