Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Love Isn't Blind. But My Date Is

Don't Date The High School Quarterback Part II

I sat around waiting for him to call me for about 5 weeks. I know, that's a ridiculously long time to wait. But nobody else was beating down my door to ask me to dinner, so really, I wasn't waiting. I was just living my life. And hoping he'd eventually call. I saw him once, at a party (he was the guest of honor) at a local tavern. Briefly. I just said a quick hello & then stayed away. Because I didn't want to be pushy or overbearing, didn't want him to think I had stalker potential or that I was pathetically desperate. Plus, all my friends were saying, "Guys love a good chase. Let him chase you!" 
I ask you this: How do you play hide & seek with a guy that can't see you standing right in front of him?

Then a few weeks later, I bumped into him again, same tavern.
I said, "Long time no see."
He hugged me, said things had been pretty crazy, but were finally leveling out. I said, "Yeah, I actually thought maybe you were upset with me about something because you never called me."
He said, "Yeah, well, you're smart, and you're pretty (I won't argue this point, but how does he know?) but you're aggressive, and I just can't do aggressive." And then perhaps to illustrate his point, he told me how he'd dumped another gal after they'd gone to dinner a few times because she'd asked him where the relationship was headed. He told me that she'd chosen the worst possible time to ask him this, so he ended it. Crushed her little head.

I realized that I'd been there when it had happened.

It was at the party. I'd seen a sweet faced blonde who stood in the hallway near the bathrooms, facing the crowd, wiping away tears and being consoled by a friend. I thought to myself, Now that looks like a girl who just got dumped. Poor thing. But why is she standing there, out in the open, crying? Obviously the guy who just dumped her is in this room, because she was all smiles 10 minutes ago, and nobody's left the party. So why doesn't she go into the bathroom to cry? If some guy had just dumped me, I certainly wouldn't stand out in the open and cry like that where he could see me.


I get it. He can't see you.

So I told him, "Yeah, I was there when you dumped her. You made her cry."
He let out an astonished, "HA! I knew it! I knew it! You were paying attention! You were watching me!" And he said it as if I'd been busted spying on him. 

Conceited, self-centered prick.

"No. I wasn't watching you. I was watching her. Jerk."
I walked away from him while he was still talking to me.

He's blind, alrighty. In more than one way one.
And forget the kidneys. This guy needs a heart in the worst way.

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