Friday, April 4, 2008

It Boggles My Mind

Today I changed my internet dating profile to say that I'm the best darned Boggle player ever.  In response, Yahoo! Personals emailed me, suggesting that I consider checking out the profile of a guy they thought might be a good match.

He's a conservative logger who lives an hour away. He's a sports nut 10 years younger than me (okay, that's not necessarily a bad thing) who smokes a lot, and in his only photo he had his arms around a pair of sexy brunettes who looked to be Captain Morgan Rum spokesmodels. And he was a bad speller who can't figure out where to put an apostrophe. He's "not looking for a perminate relationship, but would'nt rule it out."
And then Yahoo! had the nerve to suggest to me that I relax my standards a little bit so they could match me up with a wider selection of guys. 
I might ask for my money back.

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