Monday, April 21, 2008

Burning Man

I thought I was intense. On fire. A meteor. But in his company, I'm a pussycat.
I thought I was a little outspoken (okay, a lot). But when I'm with him, I seem introverted.
I thought I was the one who shocked people. But his words make me blush. And he points it out.
I thought I was the rebellious, independent one. He puts me to shame.
I thought I was the overtly sexual girl. Around him, I feel downright virginal.
But if he pissed me off and I flipped him off, he'd just laugh and maybe kiss me instead of holding a grudge for a year.
He burns so brightly, that it tempers my flame.
He is Henry Rollins. He is Dali. He is Triple Scorpio. He is Mozart, Sid Vicious and G Love all rolled into one.
My future potential has a lot of potential.

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